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    Biomecanics – is a brand that includes several areas of special footwear for children and teenagers. In 1996, Garvalin together with Biomechanics Institute of Valencia started joint research, and as result a new brand Biomecanics has been created. The main purpose of Biomecanics, was the creation of an ergonomic footwear. Presented size range — 18-41.

    Biomecanics brand have 4 areas:

    Biogateo – the first children’s shoes;

    Bioevolution – walk formation;

    Biorunning — perfect walking and physical activity;

    Bioschool — school, and casual shoes.

    Special directions of Biomecanics shoes are making brand unique, without any analogues in the world market. Even the most demanding customer will find out something new and special in these shoes for themselves.

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