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  • Orthopedic footwear for children: benefits or advertisement trick

    Choosing shoes for children, parents are trying to choose the best from a wide range of children’s shoes, based on friends and parents advices, promotions of the shoes and on the basis of their beliefs. You can often hear a very common question about orthopedic footwear in the children’s shoes shops, and some manufacturers emphasize buyers on the fact that their shoes are orthopedic. But does your child need orthopedic shoes and what are the benefits?

    What is “orthopedic shoes for children”?

    Orthopedic footwear is crafted individually due to the anatomical features of the foot, firmly fixes it at certain points and thus affects the proper distribution of weight on the foot and, if necessary, corrects gait. Hard high backcloth fixes foot and blocks the ankle joint and shoe takes muscle functions.

    Orthopedic shoes can be prescribed by orthopedist in case of trauma, gait abnormality and flat feet. This shoe can be crafted consider to individual measurements with specific features of the foot. Using of orthopedic shoes should require medical supervision.
    The best prevention of the development of flat feet – are sports sections and sometimes walking barefoot on sand or rough surfaces. During the growth, child must find and feel the balance by himself.

    Once again to your attention, the modern medicine terminology doesn`t have such concept as “orthopedic shoes for prevention” and for the proper and healthy growth of child`s foot orthopedic shoes are not necessary.