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  • Choosing of children’s shoes: the truth about arch support

    While choosing children’s shoes we often hear the term — «arch support.» Many us do not know what`s this, what is the main purpose of this thing and when it should be used. In this article we`ll try to answer all questions that are related to arch support in children’s shoes.

    Purposes of arch support

    Arch support – is a part of the orthopedic insole, which supports the inner area of the foot. It is commonly used while flat feet, lower leg and foot injuries. It is made from leather, cork, plastic or metal. It also can be inserted into a regular or orthopedic shoe. Depending on the problem or injury, arch support can be placed in the rear, front or middle parts of the insole. It should be used in the children’s shoes if only there is a problem with the foot. Arch support should be designed on an individual casts and prescribed by orthopedist.

    During the growth baby`s foot goes through several stages of development and formation. Sometimes a child under six years can have poorly marked foot arch. In most cases, this can be due to the immature bone of the foot, poor walking skills and fat layer, which have a protective function and close the arch. Commonly foot arch forms to six years, clearly delineates and ready for functional load.

    Term of use of arch support:

    • Use of arch support for other purposes, can harm the natural development of the child’s foot.
    • You should remember that if you still have some problems, any correction should be individual and under medical supervision.
    • During the growth and development of the foot – arch support also should be changed or removed at all, after solving the problem.
    • Arch support that are made from soft pads are only a comfort zone for healthy feet. So if you have any problem, such arch support won`t not fit you, because they do not support the arch of the foot.
    • Arch supports in non-specialized regular children`s shoes — is just an advertisement trick from manufacturing companies that are made to increase sales, and they doesn`t have any benefits from the physiological point of view.

    So arch support for prevention – is just a myth, unconfirmed by official medicine.