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  • Biogateo advantages

    Biogateo – is one of the Biomecanics brand ranges of children’s footwear, developed with the support of the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia, considering to child’s foot.
    Biogateo – is special shoe that helps the child to learn how to make the first steps. When the child grows up and goes from crawling to the first steps, it is important to use shoes that would ensure complete stability.

    Biogateo has undeniable advantages:

    Absolute stability

    Outside buttress provide required support to improve sense of balance. These shoes will help your child to improve walking skills, stimulate the development of balance and strengthen the muscular skeleton.
    Outsole that expands to the bottom provides additional stability, due to to a larger contact area.

    Protection of the foot

    Biogateo protects child`s foot in a way that the first steps will help physical development in a whole.
    Among the other characteristics that provide protection, we can also note the use of natural materials only, seamless inner lining and thermal comfort. This all protects foot from pressure and the possible appearance of rubbed sore.


    This footwear provide easy movements while crawling using a strengthened cape, cutout heel and increased flexibility of the sole that suits the best for crawling, when child`s fingers have maximum pressure.
    Biogateo shoes are very flexible due to the presence of different internal and external canals on the soles, which improve flexibility of the sole in two directions.

    Easy to put on shoes

    Wide opening allows easily to put shoes on a child, and locking clasp — properly fasten shoes on foot. Special half-belt on the heel makes the process even more convenient.

    Stimulation and balance

    With Biogateo child feels confident while making first steps. Biogateo shoes allows child to feel the ground better, while developing sensitivity and increasing its ability to maintain balance.

    Strengthened cape

    Outsole covers shoes toe, improves grip which is required for the movement during crawling.

    Antibacterial properties

    Lining, and removable insole of micro perforated leather, processed by antibacterial compound that protects against the development of microorganisms.

    Shoes designed for children

    Boot tree of this shoe developed considering to the intensive growth features and development of the foot. Biogateo are specially designed shoes for a child’s foot, that does not simulate a miniature adult shoes.

    Approved by the Institute of Biomechanics

    Scientists from Biomechanics Institute of Valencia consider that crawling and first steps are important as individually and complementary modes of movements, and conclude that the use of right shoes at this stage helps with improvement of independent walking.

    Researches of this Institute allowed Biogateo to acquire anatomical, ergonomic and physiological characteristics required for the healthy development of the child’s foot.