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Orthopedic footwear for children: benefits or advertisement trick

Choosing shoes for children, parents are trying to choose the best from a wide range of children's shoes, based on friends and parents advices, promotions of the shoes and on the basis of their beliefs. You can often hear a very common question about orthopedic footwear in the children's shoes shops, and some manufacturers emphasize buyers on the fact that their shoes are...

Biomecanics categories

Biomecanics shoes - are primarily specialized shoes designed for each stage of growth and development of the foot.

Biomecanics have such categories:

  • Biogateo - crawling, trying to stand up on the legs and first steps. Size ranges from 18 to 24. Approximate age - from 9 months to 1.5 years.
  • Bioevolution – learning to walk. This range has been specially developed...