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Choosing of children’s shoes: the truth about arch support

While choosing children's shoes we often hear the term - "arch support." Many us do not know what`s this, what is the main purpose of this thing and when it should be used. In this article we`ll try to answer all questions that are related to arch support in children's shoes.

Purposes of arch support

Arch support – is a part...

Garvalin company

International Shoes Garvalin – is a Spanish manufacturer of children's shoes. The company was founded over 40 years ago. Today, it has a good reputation in the segment of child and teenager footwear in the world. Each season, the company presents more than 700 models of children's shoes, which are successfully sold in more than 49 countries. In the spring of 2012 TM...

Biogateo advantages

Biogateo – is one of the Biomecanics brand ranges of children's footwear, developed with the support of the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia, considering to child's foot. Biogateo – is special shoe that helps the child to learn how to make the first steps. When the child grows up and goes from crawling to the first steps, it is important to use shoes that would...